Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one?

The journey of parenthood is a remarkable and exciting period, deserving of a special place in our hearts and memories. We specialize in preserving these precious moments through our exquisite maternity photography sessions. Let’s look into our comprehensive PINKA’s Maternity photography session guide to ensure you’re fully prepared to make the most of your extraordinary experience.

1. Choosing the Perfect Timing – At what point in pregnancy is it best to schedule my maternity session with a professional photographer?

Selecting the right moment for your maternity session is crucial. Baby might arrive earlier than expected and your energy levels are higher. Around your 7th month of pregnancy, your belly has a beautifully rounded shape and you’re glowing your best moments in life. We recommend booking your appointment in advance to secure your spot and have the best possible experience.

2. Imagine your Dream Maternity Photoshoot in Barcelona

Getting your dream maternity photoshoot in the stunning Barcelona is easy! Start by imagining your preferred style and exploring our portfolio. Check out our maternity images on Instagram for more ideas. Share your favorite shots with us through Insta-message, so we can tailor the session to your liking. Your vision and requests combined with our expertise, will result in a maternity photoshoot that captures your memories beautifully. We can also arrange a photoshoot in your home or in some of the great outdoor venues of Barcelona. If you’re looking to get your pregnancy photoshoot in Sitges of Castelldefels, we can come over there too.

3. Dressing for Elegance and Comfort – What Should I Wear for a Photoshoot Session?

You can draw inspiration from our Instagram page or from internet searching for ”maternity photoshoot ideas” or ”pregnancy photoshoot styles” to select outfits that fits with your personal style. Remember that the thoughtful outfit selection helps to reach the right atmosphere of your portraits. Have in thoughts where you would like to display your photos and which colors you have in that environment. It’s usually better to avoid prints in clothes and favor one colored clothes.

4. Essential Items to Bring to your Pregnancy Photoshoot

You can pack a seamless strapless bra and matching underwear in a shade that complements your skin tone. If you have a push-up style bra, it will help to shape the fabrics. Additional items could be a stretchy tube dress, robe, gown, bodysuit, stockings, and accessories such as hats and jewelry will add beautiful finesse to your portraits. Fine fabrics and scarfs look amazing on their own so don’t stress too much which clothes to wear.

5. Attend to the Details – It’s all about Photography Details

Make sure your and your partner´s hands and nails are well-groomed, as we take a lot of close-up shots which may capture old nail polish and dry skin. A basic yet clean manicure elevates the overall aesthetic of your photos and you will be happy to look your photos over and over again,

6. What to wear in your family photo session

It’s good to coordinate outfits with harmonizing tops and complementary colors when thinking of family portraits. Whether you are looking more elegant style than casual look, comfort is key. It’s better to avoid logos, prints and neon colors, and consider adding accessories for depth.

7. Enhancing Your Beauty – Do I need to book a hair and makeup artist before my professional portrait photography session?

Consider professional hair and makeup done to achieve a polished and sophisticated look. We offer in-house services for hair and makeup including touch-ups during the shoot. Explore our Instagram page for beauty looks.

8. Bundled Packages for Growing Families – Do I get a discount if I buy a newborn photoshoot together with the maternity shoot?

When you combine your maternity and newborn photoshoots, you will receive a 20% discount total. Witness your family’s journey from pregnancy to parenthood, and relish in the memories we capture.

9. Artistic Retouching for Timeless Portraits
You look amazing the way you are! If you’re worried of some details our artistic retouching enhances your images, subtly refining imperfections while preserving your natural beauty. From blemish removal to teeth whitening, we will to make you look your best while maintaining authenticity.

10. What kind of background is best for photographs?

We can seamlessly place you in scenic backdrops from our portfolio. This process includes artistic retouching for a harmonious blend of beauty and art. You can have your dream background and hang beautiful images on your wall. We have hand painted backdrops in our studio and one color backdrops, so you can choose your favorites.

11. Cherish your moments through beautiful artwork – Printing your images to handmade albums, books and prints

In a digital age, the allure of printed photos stands out as a symbol of lasting memories and genuine connections. Opting for printed photos enhances your experience in ways digital images can’t match. Holding a photograph evokes a deep emotional connection, while displaying family portraits positively impacts relationships. Printed photos inspire creativity, evoke nostalgia, and add elegance to your space. Resilient against technological changes, they offer a digital detox and meaningful gift-giving. With PINKA, embrace printed photos as heirlooms and a bridge connecting past, present, and future. Elevate your moments with cherished artworks to pass down generations.

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